Enjoy the pleasures of life.

Relax. Experience. Wellness


Every now and then it’s time to relax the mind, to breath freely, to brace oneself, to find oneself, to enjoy a cozy atmosphere and to discover nature’s magic on a holiday on the country-side.


Briefly speaking: Realize how beautiful life can be and realize what it feels like to relax on a high level.


We built our apartment block PIA with 5 individual designed apartments in the middle of a beautiful landscape and unspoiled countryside on a piece of land where once the great abby of the sameriter was built. Even today you can still feel the aura of that magic place.


Here you will feel the certain something, you will feel that unusual atmosphere and you will have any numbers of options, to reanimate body and soul in this perfect idyll.


It is unique. It is PIA.

It is the Paradise in Attendorf, Styria.