Enjoy the pleasures of life.

Relax. Experience. Wellness


To experience and relax is not everything in life. Joy is a huge part of life. And with the term joy come the terms delicious food and drinks.


You will have the possibility to treat yourself to exquisite food during your stay at PIA.


Both international and traditional restaurants can be found in our nearby neighborhood.

Delicate wines can be found all over the “Weinland Steiermark”.


PIA itself offers a variety of specialties:


·        We will cook for you on your demand

·        You can hold your own BBQ Party at the private BBQ at PIA

·        Catering is also possible on demand

·        We also offer cooking classes. Or show you how to make self-made bread in our clay oven.


PIA- Special:

A big PIA- Breakfastbasket to start the day pleasurably. To be booked additionally.


This is life. This is PIA.

It is the Paradise in Attendorf, Styria.